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Womens Rights Are Human Rights by Hilary Clinton

Hilary Clintons â€Å"Women’s rights are Human rights† On September 5, 1995, Hilary Clinton gave a speech at the United Nations Fourth World Conference for womens equality, in Beijing, China. Present at the conference were were, 189 governments and more than 5000 representatives of non governmental organizations. The issue that Mrs. Clinton is addressing in this speech is the disrespect towards women and the violation of their rights. She uses pathos an emotional appeal, to get her audience to feel the same way that she does about the issue. She also uses exigence to bring the audience deeper into the conversation. She has been fighting for women’s rights for many years, and she wants her audience to realize how much of a problem it has become and that it needs to be stopped. Her goal is to make her audience believe that women’s rights are human rights through exigence and pathos. Mrs. Clinton also uses the rhetorical element of kairos in her speech. She picks a perfect moment in time, and location to deliver her speech. Though women’s rights is a problem all over the world, it is especially bad in China where the speech is taking place. Clinton is trying to address the issue where it is most relevant. There are many examples of emotional appeals in this speech, and that is how Mrs. Clinton convinces her audience that what she is articulating on is how this issue should be resolved. Through her speech Mrs. Clinton uses pathos to show how women are important toShow MoreRelatedHillary Clinton s Stance On Women s Rights1090 Words   |  5 Pages Hilary Clinton is a strong and effective choice to serve as a messenger and manager of women’s rights globally. She has proven herself as a fierce advocate for women’s rights due to her strong and consistent record of effectively championing women’s rights, economically and politically. She has remained consistent throughout her career as an advocate for gender equality, human rights, and women’s rights policies. Throughout her time in the Senate, she advocated women’s rights and used her statusRead MoreThe Issue Of Abortion And Women s Rights Essay1721 Words   |  7 PagesThe topic of abortion has been particularly controversial throughout the 2016 election. One of the main focuses of Hilary’s campaign was on the side of supporting abortion rights [4] and therefore the rights of women in America. On the other hand, Trump has made some conflicting arguments. In the past Donald Trump has been strictly pro-choice, but during his election h e was anti-abortion. A Supreme Court ruling just this past summer turned back restrictions on abortion laws in Texas [4], devastatingRead MoreEssay about Male Dominance and Inequality in Sports600 Words   |  3 PagesWhether it is superiority over a species, subject, or attribute people tend to render something better than other. In today’s modern age with a â€Å"peaceful† global world trying to be put into place, we have tried to eliminate superiority between others humans and promote equality. The elimination of superiority has also reared its head in business over time in the United States with the extinguishing of monopolies. Even though the United States has tried to â€Å"lead the charge† in trying to terminate superiorityRead MoreClinton Vs. Trump : Equal Pay For Equal Work Essay1976 Words   |  8 PagesIn the article, Clinton vs. Trump: Equal Pay for Equal Work, Hilary Clinton argues that the issue of the gender pay gap is a major problem in this co untry and she plans on tackling these problems surrounding the pay gap that affects these women. The views of Clinton’s unequal pay gap display other wide dimensions relating to: women’s equality in our society and how the pay gap not only targets certain women but women who are mothers, and women of color. Notably, most Americans are unaware about theRead MoreI Am So Sick Of Hearing, By Simone De Beauvoir905 Words   |  4 Pagesblatantly avoids many of issues at hand. French author Simone de Beauvoir states, â€Å"the reason for [the gender inequality] is that women lack concrete means for organization themselves into a unit† (257). I deeply agree with Beauvoir claim that many of women’s inequalities could be combated with greater organization, but the burden does not simply lay on the women. Men throughout all of history are responsible for perpetuating the ideology that women exclusively live to be subservient to men (Beauvoir 257)Read MoreThe Patter ns Of Majority And Minority Interaction1376 Words   |  6 PagesStates women are constantly fighting for their rights to female health care as well as equal treatment within the workforce. While Hilary Clinton is currently running for president, there has never been a woman inaugurated into office. It wasn’t even that long ago since women were granted with the ability to vote. Women are unable to escape these ideas, as they are involuntary members of their gender. Women in other regions tend to have even fewer rights, however, activism within all regions is risingRead MoreBarack Obama s Speech On Human Rights2417 Words   |  10 PagesJoseph Arellano 27 May 2016 Friday 10:00AM Research Paper: Hillary Clinton I chose to analyze a speech Hillary Clinton made on human rights, or more specifically, women’s rights. Although I wouldn’t want Hillary Clinton for a president, I definitely can agree with everything she was advocating in this particular speech. She explains the ways in which women’s rights should be equivalent to human’s rights, but are currently not, in China. The issues she was addressing are not issues that we have oftenRead MoreThe Issue Of Women s Rights2091 Words   |  9 Pagesrelation to women’s rights. Throughout this paper I will acknowledge the success and challenges that Canada as a country faces when trying to meet its obligation to women. The article chosen is article three â€Å"States Parties shall take in all fields, in particular in the political, social, economic and cultural fields, all appropriate measures, including legislation, to en sure the full development and advancement of women , for the purpose of guaranteeing them the exercise and enjoyment of human rightsRead MoreAbortion, â€Å"The Deliberate Termination Of A Human Pregnancy,1379 Words   |  6 PagesAbortion, â€Å"the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of a pregnancy†. Abortion may be one of the most personal decision one has to make; however, it is widely talked about. While, there are two sides to this agreement. The first, being that a fetus is a human; therefore, abortion is murder. On the other hand, it is the women’s body, so what she wants to do is her choice. However, no matter what your personal opinion is, nobody should have a sayRead MoreWomen in the Progressive Era: Relentless Pursuit of Liberty and Equality1683 Words   |  7 Pagesbackgrounds and the tactics they employed, drove The Women’s Suffrage Movement and the campaign for racial equality closer to the finish line. Before these women decided to take a stand against the injustice cultivated in the soil of their homeland, both Ida B. Wells and Alice Paul encountered radical ideologies during childhood. Wells, who was born a slave in 1862, grew up in a home led by a politically active mother and father who advocated for civil rights in the post Civil War era. They taught her

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Introduction . The Assaultive Behavior Displayed By...

Introduction The assaultive behavior displayed by psychiatric individuals in patient care settings has become a serious healthcare concern. Current research shows that the most common adverse event among hospitalized psychiatric patients is physical assault or fighting. â€Å"Thousands of assaults occur in American hospitals each year, including psychiatric units and emergency rooms, resulting in the labeling of such workplaces by some as occupationally hazardous† (Rueve Welton, 2008). This has led to increased cost of providing healthcare Services derived from additional diagnostic tests for injuries, treatment, destruction of facility property, and injury to staff and other individuals. Background Patient assault is the most commonly†¦show more content†¦When a patient-to-patient assault occurs, staff members are often stressed from fear of reprimand for lack of adequate observation (Luckhoff, et al.2013). This may lead to high turnover rates which further create understaffed units resulting in unsafe patient care ratios and demoralized staff. (Luckhoff, et al.2013). Furthermore, assault brings an increased chance of injuries which may lead to compromised health and even permanent disability. Taking these problems into account, it is evident that assault among patients can negatively impact the provision of healthcare services and management of care provided (Luckhoff, et al.2012). Significance The consequences of assault on patients can severely destabilize optimal well-being. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), in 2013, reported that the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that â€Å"psychiatric aides experienced the highest rate of violent injuries that resulted in days away from work, at approximately 590 injuries per 10,000 full-time employees. This rate is more than 10 times higher than the next group, nursing assistants, who experienced about 55 such injuries per 10,000 full-time employees. Registered nurses experienced about 14 violent injuries resulting in days away from work per 10,000 full-time employees†. OSHA (2013) recommends â€Å"A workplace violence prevention program can also fit effectively into a broader safety and health management system, and it can help

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Photographic Properties Example For Students

Photographic Properties Question Answer Photographic properties effect Visbility, Density, Contrast Geometric Properties Effect Sharpness, Recorded Detail, Distortion Radiographic Density The overall blackness produced on the image after processing Controlling factor of Density mAs Influencing factors of Density kVp, Distance, Grids, Film-screen speed, collimation, anatomic part, anode heel effect, filtration, processing mAs= Quantity kVp= Quality The Law of Reciprocity mA x s = mAs (200mA @ .10s = 20 mAs) The minimal change needed to correct density errors is determined by multiplying or dividing mAs by 2. When greater change in mAs is needed.. multiply or divide by 4, 8, etc ___ kVp ___ Quantity of radiation striking the IR and ___ density. Increases, increases, increases Increasing kVp by 15% will ___ density (math) Double; __kVp x 1.15 = end kVp Decreasing kVp by 15% will ___ density (math) Cut in half; ___kVp x .85 = end kVp To MAINTAIN density when kVp increases by 15% Divide mAs by 2 kVp x 1.15 To MAINTAIN density when kVp decreases by 15% Multiply mAs by 2 kVp x .85 To reduce patient dose ___ kVp ___ mAs Increase; decrease As SID increase, the xray bream intensity is spread over a larger area, this decreases the overall intensity of the xray beam raching the IR Inverse Square Law I1/I2=SID2(squared)/SID1(squared) Density Maintenance Formula mAs1/mAs2=SID1(squared)/SID2(squared) Increasing SID needs ___ mAs More Grids Grids absorb the scatter radiation exiting the patient; Limiting the amount striking the IR and improves image quality; they also absorb some of the transmitted radiaion exiting the pt and reduce the amount of density produced on the radiograph Grids are ___ for pt ___ for film Bad; good The more efficient a grid absorbs scatter, the greater the increase in mAs is required Grid Conversion Factor mAs1/mAs2=GCF1/GCF2 Grid Conversion FactorS No grid 1 5:1 2 6:1 3 8:1 4 12:1 5 16:1 6 Film Screen Speed The greater the speed the greater the density; When the speed of the system changes; mAs should be changed Film Screen Speed Formula mAs1/mAs2=RS2/RS1 Anatomic Part Thickness of the anatomic part affects the amount of xray beam attenuation that occurs; thick-absorbs more (decreasing density) thin-absorbs less (increasing density) Anatomic Part Conversion For each 4-5cms of thickness, increase mAs x2 The best for an anode heel effect is ____ SID and a ___ field size Short, Large Anode Heel Effect The intensity along the longitudial axis of the primpart xray beam varies; this variance is called AHE AHE is a decrease in the primary beam intensity on the anode side of the tube Tube Filtration Contributors These variations are so slight that they would have very little effect on density Compensating Filters Contributors Produce uniform densities; mAs must be increased to maintain overall density Film Processing Contributors Variability in temp, chemisty and transporting can adversely affect density Digital Imaging Changes in mAs kVp SID will alter the I of radiation reaching the IR; The relationship b/t mAs and density is not the same for DR; Quality of image is adversly affected; Techs use more exposure then needed; The data can be altered to correct error in Relationship to Density: mAs Direct Relationship to Density: kVp Direct Relationship to Density: SID Inverse to the square of the SID Relationship to Density: Grids Inverse Relationship to Density: Relative Speed Direct Relationship to Density: Collimation Indirect Relationship to Density: Bigger pt Inverse Relationship to Density: Generator output Direct

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Yours Truly by Ariana Grande free essay sample

As an avid music fan with over 2,000 songs in my iTunes library, it takes a lot for me to dub a particular artist â€Å"the one.† Time and time again, I have found singers who seem to fill the title of favorite, but then something they do or write turns me away (thanks for crushing my childhood, Miley). But Ariana Grande has yet to disappoint me. Her manifesting love of fans, and new album, â€Å"Yours Truly,† only make me love her more. It came as no surprise when I saw her tweet that her debut album had reached number one in over 30 countries. I played the minute-and-a-half previews on repeat for weeks prior to its release, trying to learn all the words. I cant get enough of the old-school R sound of this soulful, Mariah Carey-esque singer; the fact that Grande is only 20 amazes me. Her dedication to bringing back the sound of past generations is inspiring and gives me hope for young musicians in the industry. We will write a custom essay sample on Yours Truly by Ariana Grande or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page It seems as though dubstep isnt the only ingredient necessary to make a hit, after all, even though electronic sounds are used in the last track, â€Å"Better Left Unsaid.† When looking for a pop song that youd expect to hear on the radio, try â€Å"The Way† or â€Å"Popular Song† (feat. MIKA), the former being the first â€Å"Yours Truly† single. But those arent the only upbeat jams. Some others are â€Å"Baby I,† â€Å"Right There† (feat. Big Sean), â€Å"Piano,† and â€Å"Youll Never Know.† Although Grande collaborates with many popular artists, my favorite duet has to be with The Wanted member, Nathan Sykes, for â€Å"Almost Is Never Enough.† The power of Grandes voice is really shown as she hits notes most singers only dream of, with Sykes accompaniment strengthening the performance. This is one of the most well-delivered love songs I have ever heard. â€Å"Yours Truly† is an album with the general theme of love. The only song not following that is â€Å"Popular Song.† But its the perfect fit for this debut artist who seems like quite the hopeless romantic. Grande ultimately wants to express her love for her supporters (which she calls â€Å"Arianators†) in this album, often acknowledging that it is because of them that she has acquired such success. So this review is expressing my love for her in return. Thank you, Ariana, for standing out from the crowd and proving that there is talent in the next generation of singers.

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Concepts and Styles of the Leadership

Concepts and Styles of the Leadership Leadership refers to the process of influencing and managing people in order to achieve intended outcomes. Leaders adopt different leadership styles depending on prevailing circumstances. Leadership styles base on different leadership concepts. However, certain concepts apply to all styles.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Concepts and Styles of the Leadership specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More For example, action is an important aspect of effective leadership. Research has revealed that leaders who focus on personal development and growth not only change themselves but also lead their organizations to great levels of success. The seven action logics include Achiever, Expert, Opportunist, Diplomat, Alchemist, and Strategist action logics (Rooke and Torbert, 2005). Microsoft founder Bill Gates, is an exceptional leader who has transformed the technology industry through his visionary leadership style and great skills. Ac cording to Rooke and Torbert (2005), only Individualist, Strategist, and Alchemist action logics enable leaders to transform organizations through sustained innovation. Bill Gates transformed the world of technology through his innovativeness. He believed that innovation is an important condiment of organizational success and transformation. When he developed the windows software, he maintained quality by incorporating innovative ideas into subsequent versions of the software. As such, he continued to develop improved versions of windows during his term at Microsoft. Innovation is a characteristic of the Strategist action logic. Gates’ strategy was to incorporate innovation into the operations of Microsoft and make it part of its organizational culture. This has enabled Microsoft to withstand the unpredictable and rapidly changing technology market. Strategists capitalize on organizational constraints and perceptions in order to achieve personal development (Rooke and Torbert , 2005). In addition, they are able to lead people in ways that help them to overcome resistance to change. Gates used his strength as an effective leader to introduce change at Microsoft despite resistance and numerous obstacles. Alchemist action logic involves creativity, open mindedness, and deviation from commonplace attitudes and values (Rooke and Torbert, 2005). Bill Gates valued change. When he was at the helm of Microsoft, he ensured that the organization changed its operations in order to adapt to changes in technology. This is evident from the stability and success that Microsoft has enjoyed for many years despite obstacles such as patent lawsuits and stiff competition. The leadership style of Gates has enabled Microsoft to be one of the market leaders in technological innovation for many years. However, after his departure, the company was overtaken by emerging technology-oriented enterprises. This was because the new leader failed to adopt a similar action logic that Gat es had adopted.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Achievers realize organizational goals through teamwork and balancing their roles as leaders and managers (Rooke and Torbert, 2005). In addition, they are action and goal oriented. Bill Gates is an action and goal oriented leader. He believes that well-defined goals are necessary for achievement of organizational success. As the CEO, he ensured that Microsoft maintained creativity and innovation by reiterating the importance of teamwork. Teamwork encouraged open sharing of ideas and knowledge, which enhanced innovation and creativity. Below-average leadership is characterized by Diplomat, Opportunist, and Expert action logics (Rooke and Torbert, 2005). For example, opportunists are egocentric and manipulative. As CEO, Gates never manipulated his employees and never allowed his ego to take a toll on his organization. M oreover, he delegated leadership roles. This is contrary to opportunists’ behavior of controlling people and treating them like objects. Unlike opportunists who reject feedback, Gates valued feedback because it was the foundation of innovation at Microsoft. Diplomats avoid conflicts and are resistant to change (Rooke and Torbert, 2005). This is in contrast to the leadership style of Gates. He believed in change and incorporated it into Microsoft’s organizational culture in order to ensure organizational success. Rooke, David, and Torbert, William. Seven Transformations of Leadership. 1 April. 2005. Web.

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Final Exa, Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Final Exa, - Essay Example Solution A is hypotonic; B is isotonic while that of C is hypertonic. In the case of the solution A, the celery cell will imbibe water molecule and bulge due to osmosis. In the case of solution B, there will be no change in the shape of the celery cell (Campbell, & Reece, 2005). This is because they are of equal concentration and water molecules will be getting into the cell and leaving at the same rate. Lastly, in the solution C, the celery cell will lose shape due to loss of water molecules from the cell-the surrounding is more concentrated than the cell with solute (Campbell, & Reece, 2005). 59. The genotypes of the offspring’s will be; pP-Yy, Pp-Yy, Pp-yy, pp-yy. The phenotypes of the off springs then will be 2 yellow and plump, 1 yellow and shrunken, 1 purple and shrunken. These phenotypes are demonstrated in that manner because P and Y are dominant genes and will always prevail. 60. One of the major environmental problems facing the world is the release of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere resulting into the increased global warming. The problem is much palpable in the heavily industrialized nations that embrace technology and machinery in large scale. The release of chlorofluorocarbons, methane, carbon monoxide and other gases regarded as greenhouse gases do contribute to the entire global warming. 61. Some structures are only found in plant and not in animals these includes; Cell wall, chloroplast, and cell vacuole. The cell wall helps in the maintenance of turgor pressure experienced by the plant cell when they imbibe more water. The chloroplasts on the other hand do help the plant with the provision of chlorophyll with is the sole light trapper for the process of photosynthesis to take place. The cell vacuole also plays a very important role in the maintenance of the plant structure. 62. The term biome is used to refer to the terrestrial habitats. In the Biome, the climatic systems tend to condition certain characteristics on the plant and

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Q1) list and elaborate on the factors that will be affecting the Essay - 1

Q1) list and elaborate on the factors that will be affecting the demand for the following products in the next several years. do you think these factors will ca - Essay Example Additionally, a fax arrives immediately and, more importantly, delivery is instantly confirmed. According to Davidson Consulting, more than 70 million fax machines are in operation today with the demand for fax capability growing rapidly--at a compounded annual growth rate of almost 19% worldwide. While the demand for traditional SLR cameras and films is slated to go down because of the rise in digital photography, the demand for high-end and sophisticated digital cameras is going to increase in the next few years. Since internet and paperless photography is on the rise, the demand for films might come down in the following years. A decade ago, when video and set top boxes were not heard of, video cassettes and CDs were very much in demand. Today, however with the rising popularity of tools and applications like YouTube and video-on-demand, video rented from retail outlets might see a negative growth in the coming years. With the convergence of global businesses, people across the globe are hungry for news and facts affecting global business. The demand for specialized TV programs is increasing. Not everyone is interested in every sitcom. Tastes are getting more and more specialized and people more ready to shell our more for something they feel is important to them. Thus, the demand for "pay-per-view" television programmes will be going up in the coming years. Section B Q2) list and elaborate on the factors that will be affecting the supply for the following products in the next several years. do you think these factors will cause the supply to increase or decrease (draw the diagrams to show the impact) g. Crude oilFactors affecting supply of crude oil: 1. Global reserves of fossil fuels: As the reserves of crude oil get depleted with indiscriminate drilling and use of crude oil as a source of fuel, the supply of crude oil is going to come down. 2. International relations and trade With the global superpowers trying to assert their power over the oil-rich nations of the world, things might come to a stand still and the supply of crude oil from the oil-rich countries might go down. 3. Increase in use of alternate sources of fuel: As alternate sources of energy, solar , tidal, wind, hydel, organic and chemical forms of energy gain popularity, the supply of crude oil might increase in the near future. h. Computer memory chips With the world going digital and every small thing in the world getting more and more dependent on computers, definitely, the demand for computer memory chips is going to increase. These chips will replace books and note-books in schools, paper in business and industrial transactions, games and entertainment and every other field of human interaction. i. Hotel rooms As the world goes global and distances cease to exist, the demand for travel and hotel rooms is going to incr